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Frank Archer (1912-1995)

Born in East London, growing up in Eastbourne and with an abiding love of Italy, Frank Archer was a painter and etcher of wide-ranging subject matter and ever-evolving style. He regularly exhibited at the Royal Academy and a major retrospective of his work was held at the Bankside Gallery in 1992.

Current items
Frank Archer - Valley on Fire

Valley on Fire, France

Oil on canvas, 1972


119.5cm wide x 99.5cm high (framed)


Frank Archer - Inland Port

Inland Port (from Kingston Bridge)

Oil on board, 1958


105cm wide x 84.5cm high (framed)


Frank Archer - Tyrrhenian Lido

Tyrrhenian Lido

Oil on canvas


81cm wide x 66cm high (framed)


Frank Archer - Vesuvius

Vesuvius with Houses in Pompeii

Oil on board, 1949


52cm wide x 43cm high (framed)




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