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The Cotswold School and its influence

Inspired by the teachings of William Morris, and repulsed by the designs and methods of commercial cabinet makers, three London architects moved to the countryside in 1893 to put their ideals into practice.  Through a reinvigoration and reinterpretation of vernacular crafts and traditions, Ernest Gimson and the brothers Sidney and Ernest Barnsley founded what is now known as the Cotswold School.  Their furniture is instantly recognisable yet sits within an established English idiom.  Items by them are costly and rare, and arguably their greatest achievement was in influencing skilled cabinet makers who founded small workshops in the Cotswolds and further afield, as well as inspiring the young Ambrose Heal.

Gordon Russell in Broadway, Stanley Webb Davies in Cumbria, both Stanley's son Edward and Arthur Romney Green in Hampshire and Robin Nance in St Ives are a handful of such men out of many. The best developed their own style within the established tradition.

Current items
Shenberrow Sideboard Gordon Russell Armchairs Gordon Russell Towel Rail  
A Yew Wood 'Shenbarrow' Sideboard by Gordon Russell A Pair of Gordon Russell 1920s Oak Armchairs Gordon Russell Oak Towel Rail
Six Bedales Dining Chairs Oak Dresser Theo Dalrymple Dining Table Oak Cabinet
Six 'Bedales' Dining Chairs by Neville Neal An Oak Dresser Oak Dining Table by Theo Dalrymple Oak Bureau Cabinet
Oak Wardrobe Carved Oak Side Table Walnut Dining Chairs Oak Stool by James Dent
Oak Linen Press/Wardrobe A Carved Oak Side Table Six Walnut Dining Chairs A Large Oak Stool by James Dent
Pair of Bedales Chairs Walnut armchair 'Gardiner' Rocking Chair
A Pair of 'Bedales' Chairs by Neville Neal A Walnut Armchair 'Gardiner' Rocking Chair A Walnut Sideboard
Oak Magazine Rack Cotswold School Tea Trolley Oak Cupboard Walnut Log Bin
An Oak Magazine Rack Cotswold School Tea Trolley An Oak Panelled Cupboard Walnut Log Bin
Robin Nance Coffee Table Six 'Bedales' Dining Chairs Oak Stool  
Oak Coffee Table by Robin Nance Six 'Bedales' Dining Chairs by Edward Gardiner Oak Stool  
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