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Having weathered the 1930s despression by designing and manufacturing furniture that he did not like, but knew would sell, Luis Ercolani was given the opportunity to move in a different direction by the Second World War. In 1944 the Utility Furniture Panel approached him to produce 100,000 chairs, the painstaking development of which resulted in the birth of the Windsor Contemporary range of furniture. His method of production, which involved creating a design and then developing the machies that could make it, was at odds with much of the rest of the furniture industry. Allied to an appreciation of vernacular and eighteenth century English furniture, and a rare understanding of how to use elm, this resulted in a distinctive and highly recognisable style.

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Ercol Desk 'Chairmaker's Chair' Elm Serving Cabinet Sideboard
Writing Table - Nos. 437/439 Chairmaker's Chair - No. 472 Serving Cabinet - No. 430 Sideboard - No. 351
Ercol Chair for Maples Ercol Desk Elm Bookcase Ercol Breakfast Table
Limited Edition Chairmaker's Chair Desk - Nos. 479 & 439 Elm Bookcase Writing or Dining Table - No. 393
Serving Cabinet Chest of Drawers Book Trolley Chest of Drawers
Serving Cabinet - No.469 Chest of Drawers - No. 484 Book Trolley - design no. 361 Chest of Drawers - design no. 412
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