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Gordon Russell

Initially inspired by the Cotswold School, in which style he produced superb designs throughout the 1920s, Gordon Russell and the company he founded in 1919 went on to have a major impact on English furniture.   In the 1930s, for instance, they were in the vanguard of Modernism and those ideals of form and function, which were merely an extension of Russell’s Arts & Crafts upbringing, were put to practical use in the introduction of Utility furniture during the Second World War.  The post-war period saw continued evolution into a Mid-Century Modern style, including design classics such as the ‘Helix’ sideboard for the 1951 Festival of Britain, but the retail environment was difficult for a relatively small company and domestic furniture production ceased in 1970.

Current items
Evenlode Cupboard Chest of Drawers Shenbarrow Sideboard Modernist walnut bookcase Gordon Russell Towel Rail
1930s Cupboard Chest of Drawers 'Shenbarrow' Yew Wood Sideboard A Modernist Walnut Bookcase Early Oak Towel Rail
Utility Table and Chairs 1950s Walnut Sideboard Mid-Century Bookcase Fifties Sideboard
Oak Dining Table & Chairs A 1950s Walnut Sideboard A Mid-Century Bookcase 1950s Sideboard
1950s Dressing Table Four 1930s Oak Dining Chairs Ellipse Sideboard Gordon Russell Rosewood Armchairs
1950s Walnut Dressing Table Four 1930s Oak Dining Chairs A 1950s 'Ellipse' Sideboard Pair of 1960s Rosewood Armchairs
Mid-Century Coat Stand 1930s Weston Dining Table Helix Sideboard 1950s Dining Suite
A Mid-Century Coat Stand A 1930s 'Weston' Oak Dining Table A 1950s 'Helix' Sideboard A 1950s Dining Table & Chairs
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