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Mouseman & Yorkshire Oak

Robert “Mouseman” Thompson’s  transformation from jobbing carpenter to master craftsmen was a gradual one that saw him painstakingly develop his skills and style, but by the mid-1920s he had adopted his famous trademark and had his own workshop busily employing several men.  The workshop grew and over the years many of the craftsmen have taken their skills and branched out.  Most have adopted a trademark of their own – a fox, a lizard, a fish, a rabbit to name but a few – and whilst some have slavishly stuck to the Mouseman designs others have taken the style and adapted it.  Other craftsmen, unconnected to the Mouseman workshop, have also chosen the classic Yorkshire Oak style as their own.

Current items
Oak Bench Oakleafman Dining Suite Oak Coffee Table Church Table
Oak Bench David 'Oakleafman' Dining Suite Oak Coffee Table Oak Church Table
Acornman Sideboard Mouseman-style Hall Chairs 'Kingpostman' Coffee Table Gnomeman Oak Stool
An Oak Sideboard by Alan 'Acornman' Grainger Two Mouseman-style Oak Hall Chairs 'Kingpostman' Oak Drop-leaf Coffee Table A 'Gnomeman' Oak Stool
Gnomeman Oak Table Jack Grimble oak stool Gnomeman Oak Coffee Table Woodpeckerman Dresser
'Gnomeman' Oak Writing/Hall Table Jack Grimble Oak Stool 'Gnomeman' Oak Coffee Table 'Woodpeckerman' Oak Dresser
Six burr oak dining chairs      
Six Oak Dining Chairs      
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